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Shakespeare at Work

Bibliography: Actors and Acting from the Internet Shakespeare Editions.

Bibliography: The Audience from the Internet Shakespeare Editions.

Elizabethan Actors and Writers from Encyclopædia Britannica.

The Cleveland Press Shakespeare Photographs from Cleveland State University Library.
The site includes approximately 400 images from publicity photographs featuring regional production companies --Cleveland's Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival, the Stratford Festival in Ontario, Canada and others; New York stage productions; motion pictures; and televised productions including several highly praised series (The Shakespeare Plays, Hallmark Hall of Fame, etc.). Notable actors and artists include: Judith Anderson, Peggy Ashcroft, Richard Burton, Claire Bloom, Katherine Cornell, Maurice Evans, John Gielgud, Leslie Howard, Rudolf Nureyev, Laurence Olivier, Leontyne Price, Paul Robeson, and Maggie Smith.

Since Shakespeare's Time from Encyclopædia Britannica.

The following list includes actors, managers, directors, and institutions associated in some manner with Shakespeare in the centuries since Shakespeare himself trod the boards.

Playgoing in Shakespeare's Day from Encyclopædia Britannica.

Shakespeare on Theatre by Alvin Kernan from Encyclopædia Britannica.

William Shakespeare from the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC):

Plays and productions from the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC):

Royal Shakespeare Company: Pictures and Exhibitions Collection
"This site is the pictures and exhibitions collection of the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC). It provides online access to over 3,500 images relating to the history of the RSC. Pictures include portraits of actors, costumes, performance shots, as well as paintings and prints from the 18th and 19th centuries. The images may also be browsed by theme or exhibition. Topics include specific plays: Romeo and Juliet, Twelfth Night, Macbeth and Hamlet; violent imagery in plays like Titus Andronicus, Julius Caesar, and Coriolanus; Shakespeare and race; Shakespeare and women; the histories; and the late plays. The archive may be searched by description, type, period, creator and subject. A subject directory and index is also available which permits browsing by assigned keywords. The images included are supported by detailed metadata, may be enlarged and can be added to a personal folder of selected images." Stuart Allen, The Humbul Humanities Hub.

Shakespeare and the Players, Harry Rusche, Emory University.

Shakespeare in Performance: A Select Bibliography of Materials by Joseph H. Huebner, University of Notre Dame.

Shakespearean Prompt-Books of the Seventeenth Century "G. Blakemore Evans offers this series of electronic edition promptbooks for Shakespeare's plays used by the seventeenth-century theatre. The editions, published by the Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia, feature facsimiles of stage directions with collated prompts showing variations between different copies, and each text is forwarded with a brief critical introduction. Copies used include Padua, Nursery and Smock Alley prompt-books.

The eight volumes comprise the following: I. General Introduction and 'Macbeth'; II. 'Measure for Measure' and 'A Winter's Tale'; III. 'The Comedy of Errors' and 'A Midsummer NIght's Dream'; IV. 'Hamlet'; V. 'Macbeth'; VI. 'Othello'; VII. 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'; VIII. 'King Lear', 'Henry the Eighth', 'The Merry Wives of Windsor', 'Twelfth Night', 'The Comedy of Errors' and 'A Winter's Tale'.

Blakemore Evans is editor of the 1974 'Riverside Shakespeare', as well as author of numerous works on the bard, and a former student of the twentieth-century editor of 'Tottel's Miscellany' and eclectic scholar of sixteenth-century literature, H. E. Rollins." Chris Boswell, The Humbul Humanities Hub.

Shakespeare from TheatreHistory.com.

Touchstone is a cooperative venture of the British Library, the University of Birmingham, the Birmingham Shakespeare Library, and the Shakespeare Centre Stratford-on-Avon. Touchstone's Shakespeare in Performance provides information on past and future Shakespeare theatre productions, including links on Stage History, Shakespeare on Film, and Theatre Companies that produce Shakespeare plays and, where possible, details of the relevant theatre archive. Touchstone's Exhibitions includes links to the New Shakespeare Company, Shakespeare at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre 1906-1960, and Peter Brook's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Exhibitions includes links to History, Photographs, Posters and Programmes, Promptbooks,
Theatre Architecture, and Costume Designs.

Shakespeare's Stage

Bibliography: Shakespeare's Stage from the Internet Shakespeare Editions.

Bibliography: The Stage and Staging from the Internet Shakespeare Editions.

Bibliography: Staging from the Internet Shakespeare Editions.

The Place of Shakespeare's Stage in Elizabethan Culture by Steven Mullaney.

Shakespeare's Stage from the Internet Shakespeare Editions.

Shakespeare's Theatre, Historical and Modern from Terry A. Gray's Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet, Palomar Community College.

The Globe

Globe Education Online Resource Centre
A resource for students, teachers and scholars. Actors, directors and theatre practitioners share the process of creating theatre at the Globe.

Globe Theatre from Encyclopædia Britannica.

Shakespeare's Globe, the official web site of the rebuilt Globe Theatre.

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre from Terry A. Gray's Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet, Palomar Community College.

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