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In the winter of 1813 and 1814, during my first college vacations, I attended a mathematical school kept in Boston by the Rev. Francis Xavier Brosius... On entering his room, we were struck at the appearance of an ample black board suspended on the wall, with lumps of chalk on a ledge below, and cloths hanging at either side. I had never heard of such a thing before. There it was—forty-two years ago—that I first saw what now I trust is considered indispensable in every school—the black board—and there that I first witnessed the process of analytical and inductive teaching.

—Samuel J. May, abolitionist, 1855


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What's New in Blackboard 9 SP 10-11  
Aug 1, 2013

On Aug 18th, the BOR will upgrade blackboard Learn to SP 10 and SP11. As a result there will be changes to the tool as detailed in the following article:

Whats New Blackboard Learn SP10-11:



Blackboard Upgrade  
Jun 12, 2013

Blackboard Learn will be down for maintenance August 18, 6am to 10am for an upgrade.

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Problems with the Mail tool or other Blackboard Issues?
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