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Alternative Breaks

What is an Alternative Break?

Each weekend or week long trip integrates service, reflection and education and focuses on topics such as poverty, hunger, housing, health care, and disaster relief. Trips are offered throughout the year in local and national destinations.


What makes it "Alternative"?

Alternative breaks are just that- an alternative to life on campus. The breaks give students an opportunity to meet new people, learn new things and to step away from traditional learning and living. Alternative Breaks trips are entirely drug and alcohol-free, thus providing an "alternative" options to traditional spring break and weekend activities.


How much does it cost to go on a trip?

Trips have varying costs based on housing, food and transportation to that area. Costs currently range from $65-$350 per trip. A typical weekend trip ranges between $60 and $100. A typical week trip ranges between $150 and $350. Many groups choose to fundraiser to lower the cost of the trip.

What is the time commitment?

Groups will have weekly meetings throughout the year that focus on their trip's specific issues. These weekly meetings will be an opportunity for team-building, as well as learning about the issues associated with their trip. Weekend trip have between 3-5 pre-meetings and week long trips average 6-9 pre-meetings.

Do I have to be there for the entire trip?

Yes, students who are unable to participate in a trip for its entire duration are ineligible to participate.

How do I become a Trip Leader or Trip Participant?

If you are interested in leading or participating in a future trip, with a social issue of your choice, please contact CCE cce@easternct.edu in early fall.